segunda-feira, dezembro 21, 2009

Heart of Ice: The cold hangs over the darkness


Looked for someone to love, but I have not found anyone
And even if i should want to find nothing would get your face out of my mind
This feeling platonic launches my soul to the abyss
if I scream is your name
if my body calls is for the heat of your body
if my soul is crying It's for your absence
But how can I want something unknowing?
My thoughts are higher than my attitudes
Illusions, whispers and wishes ...
What's more hidden in this body so small, this mind so great?
Ahhh, if the human mind (my mind) comes with an LCD screen included!!
My soul rests now and my mind works
Words can bring great meaning and also many wrecks
I think imagination is not great sign of intelligence
You end up getting stuck in your own world and it is difficult to leave after
I got tired of being the silly, funny and smart
Also tired of being the fragile figure, a doll that everyone sees
I can describe any kind of feelings even without having lived some of
I have many questions about where I can get and if I want to get there
the fear of making mistakes, feeling and risk, made me an expert translator of the feeling of others
All that's left now was the cold that hangs over my soul asleep
Also left a cold heart in the midst of all this darkness and confusion of feelings.

By Thatyane Rosa

P.S:Em breve a versão em português
Sorry some mistakes in grammar

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Montanari disse...

Vou esperar mesmo pela versão em português. Meu inglês não vai muito longe e isso evita que eu faça um comentário descente.

"Sou melhor do que as pessoas pensam,pior do que elas imaginam,Sou o que sou e não o que falam.Vivo o presente,Temo o futuro e Dane-se o passado!! disse...

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